Historic Hollidaysburg

Overlook of Hollidaysburg Borough

Hollidaysburg is a classic town that embodies a perfect blend of progress and preservation. 

Strolling along the streets, a visitor will pass cozy, modern coffee shops serving local roasts inside antique structures. They’ll find locally-owned shops and family-run eateries serving crepes, pastries, pizza and more. Throughout the year, the community gathers downtown for parades, fairs, festivals, live music and an annual tree-lighting during the holidays.

Along the main street, beside the rail-yards, and below the mountains are neighborhood taverns: wood-furnished and serving quality dinners and drinks. Peering down upon the shops and restaurants is the clock tower of a Gothic Revival courthouse – a stunning monument of the Victorian Era.

Throughout Hollidaysburg are modest remnants of enormous moments in our nation’s history; a civil war cemetery, the Pennsylvania Main Line Canal, the origins of Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, a Black medical professional who performed the first successful heart surgery, and more.

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