Lakemont Park: A Novel Approach to Amusement

The historic Lakemont Park of Altoona, Pennsylvania, home to the world’s oldest-surviving rollercoaster “Leap-the-Dips,” has undergone some changes and new additions, including golf-courses, basketball courts, and a playground, just to name a few.

The park was closed during the summers of 2017 and 2018 in preparation for its new look. But Lakemont Park still showcased its annual Holiday Lights on the Lake throughout this time. This holiday attraction celebrated its 25th anniversary during 2021.

While the amusement park did remove some rides during the renovation, Lakemont Park kept its Leap-the-Dips rollercoaster, Skyliner rollercoaster, Tin Lizzy antique automobiles, the C.P. Huntingdon train, the 4-by-4 monster trucks, and the Lil’ Leaper kiddie rollercoaster.

Lakemont Park has taken a novel approach to being an amusement park by adding meeting spaces, green spaces, and community recreation areas. Admission into the park is free. The rides, activities, and events are priced individually, making it even more inviting to the local community and visitors alike. Next time you’re in or near Altoona, consider visiting and riding the oldest rollercoaster in the world or playing mini golf in the new recreation area of the park.

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