Biddle’s Brewing

Biddle’s Brewing was founded in 2021 with a love for coffee and a passion for community. The business started in a 6×12 foot coffee truck with nothing but big dreams and coffee beans. As owners, Mike and Britt Biddle, we work to incorporate our adventurous spirit and competitive nature to build individual customer relationships and always serve the perfect cup.

Headquartered in Williamsburg, PA, Biddle’s Brewing draws on its small-town roots in an effort to spark life within our communities. We prioritize a strong presence in our communities, blending a fun and casual coffee shop atmosphere into the lifestyle of rural America. In short, our goal is for you to enjoy simplicity with an experience. For more information, Email:

Occupying a startup business space within the shop is TheWallHangers, your local fishing and hunting headquarters. For more information, check out their website,, or Email:


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215 High St, Williamsburg, PA 16693

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